My name is Ashley Baxter and I was born and raised in Maui Hawaii. I grew up in the windsurfing industry; my mom was a windsurfing champion in course and slalom racing (before I was born), then started a windsurfing company called Hawaiian Pro Line with my dad. They have been the distributors of Starboard; one of the largest windsurfing brands, and have been promoting kids windsurfing since I can remember. So inevitably, I became involved with the sport.

My younger brother took an interest in the sport at a very young age and has become very successful in the windsurfing industry. It wasn't until my brother taught me how to windsurf in the waves, that I became hooked. I love windsurfing, it is my passion and I will do it for the rest of my life - whether it’s professionally or not. My goal is to win the world title for waves and to hopefully someday be the first women to windsurf Jaws.

I love the ocean and also enjoy surfing, stand up surfing, tow in surfing – just about any sport that involves the water.

Modeling has also been a focus of mine. Over the past few years I have been featured in many magazines world wide, catalogues, a music DVD, posters, advertising.

I want to thank Bikinis that Work, Charles Oreve, Darrell Wong, Erik Aeder, Harry Wiewel, Julia Schweiger, Kevin Pritchard, Malia Lauer, Peppe D’Urso, Peter Strube, and Tracy Kraft because without them I wouldn’t have any photo’s for my website!